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Carpool Sticker

By now you probably know that any car that has been stickered prior to 1/1/2017 with a white or green sticker is no longer eligible for California HOV/carpool lane access, as all green and white carpool lane decals expired January 1, 2019. But did you know?... DMV is still issuing red stickers (which expires 1/1/20122) for cars that were stickered after 1/1/2017, regardless of the age of the car. However, if a car has never been issued a sticker, DMV will issue a purple sticker (which expires 1/1/2023), regardless of the age of the car. Also a new color sticker will be issued in 2020 and every year thereafter until 2022. Every new color will be valid for up to 4 years, until it all comes to an end in 2025 (unless there is new legislation).

Carpool Sticker

If you see an HOV lane sticker icon on a vehicle on our site, that means we have already verified that it qualifies for a carpool lane sticker. However, to determine which color sticker a particular vehicle will receive, you should call the DMV call center @ (916) 657-8035 to confirm.

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