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Red Carpool Sticker

By now you probably know that all green and white California carpool lane decals are expiring January 1, 2019.  (Click here for the current CARB program regarding the new HOV lane decals.)  Currently you may think the only way a consumer can determine if a car qualifies for the new clean air vehicle decal is to call the DMV call center...


We have learned that you simply cannot rely on the information the DMV call center provides because of systemic errors in data retrieval.  As a result, unless you purchase a vehicle with the new carpool lane stickers already affixed to it, make sure a seller provides you with written acknowledgment from DMV that no decals were previously issued (or that decals were issued after January 1, 2017) and includes a zero fee money-back guarantee in case decals are ultimately denied.


Did you know....All Red decals currently being issued by DMV will expire January 1, 2022.  But starting on January 1, 2019., when you submit your application for Clean Air Vehicle decal, the DMV will issue a new Purple carpool lane decal that will expire January 1, 2023!


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