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We only offer complete new car coverage, which is the closest plan to the manufacturer’s full factory warranty. We offer this plan at a low cost to ensure significant value and peace of mind.


  • 14-day money back guarantee. Thereafter, cancel any time for prorated refund
  • Valid at any factory authorized dealer nationwide or any licensed mechanic shop
  • Term begins on your date of purchase and mileage term is in addition to current odometer
  • Day 1 coverage
  • Any breakdown is covered ($100 deductible) except items listed in exclusion sheet (similar to factory warranty)
  • Transferable to next owner ($75 fee)
  • Perks include: roadside assistance, towing, car rental, and hotel reimbursement


Generally, dealers offer vehicle service agreements (VSA) to maximize profits by selling the cheapest coverage with the largest profit margin. That’s why the public consensus is to steer clear from VSAs when buying a car from a dealership. But we’re no ordinary dealership. When we signed up with our VSA partner, we looked for a trusted company that offered the closest coverage to the manufacturer’s factory warranty (including EV & hybrid components). Most dealers shy away from offering such plans as their costs are higher, resulting in lower profits. However, profit maximization was not our focus when we chose our VSA partner.

Points to consider...if the vehicle you’re purchasing is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, the VSA cost is dramatically lower. Coupled with the fact that we price all plans below retail, it's usually a good buy. Our goal for our clients is to appreciate the value of the VSA down the road, not a regrettable decision.

Average price for a 5-year/50k additional full warranty is roughly $1,635. However, prices are VIN-specific and can be customized for low or high-mileage drivers. Please contact us for a customized quote.

Keep in mind, we only sell service contracts we’d buy for our own cars.

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